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February Boise River Fishing Report - Week 2

Hello Everyone! This week I was not able to get out to the Owyhee River but was able to fish the Boise River In-Town and my favorite river, the South Fork Boise River. Below would be what I would recommend for both rivers. Boise River In-Town: What a weird change that has happened this last week! Multiple storms have rolled in and these fish have completely changed. On the warmest day of the week, the Midge hatch was off the charts! I was fishing farther downstream towards Star and the fish were very very VERY specific on what they wanted to eat. I tried to fish with all of these different patterns (literally went through 20) and gave each one...

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February Boise and Owyhee River Fishing Report - Week 1

Hello fellow anglers! I would first like to apologize for not doing any fishing reports for the last month. I got really busy with a new job and the new semester of classes and needed time to adjust to the new schedule. But with this said, it did not stop me from getting out on the water. It was one of the slower months fishing wise but still was able to bring lots in the net. It was also the busiest month yet with fly orders and also guiding trips that were very successful. Enough of that, let’s get into the stuff that you want to hear which is how the fishing is right now! I have decided to switch...

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Boise River In-Town 12/14/19

Hello Everyone, For being mid December, it's amazing that we are still able to fish without getting frozen eye lids and having to warm our hands after every fifteen minutes. The weather has been fantastic so far this month until the last 3 days which were cold and brought in lots of rain. Today was an amazing sunny day, but still colder than what it should have been. I have noticed that the bite for whitefish in riffles has gone down significantly compared to a couple of weeks ago and believe this is because of the cold weather that has been coming in.  Today I decided that I would go back to one of my favorite spots near Eagle Island...

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Boise River In-Town 12/12/19

Hello everyone, Today I decided to explore to a new location that I have not fished yet. It is fair to say that I possibly found the best fishing water I have ever seen on the Boise River to this day. I parked the car on Linder road next to the Northern bridge of the river. I then hiked a good ways upstream fishing as I walked. This water was very fishable and I was able to get into plenty of fish while hiking upstream to the spot. When I am fishing new water, I usually put on my most confident patterns in small sizes to see if I can hook into any fish. The reason I generally use these flies in smaller sizes...

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Boise River In-Town 12/1/19

Hello anglers, I would first like to apologize for not posting much recently. I have been sick and then was out of town for family reasons and was not able to fish nor write that much. This blog will be delayed on a trip that was done last week that was quite successful. On the 1st of December I decided to head out to the Northern section of the river on Linder Road. I then hiked a good ways downstream and fished as I went. I was getting into a decent amount of small fish along the way, but it wasn't too special to stay for that long. I enjoy catching even the little guys as I believe they have some...

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