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Boise River In-Town 11/09/19

The Boise River in the heart of Boise often gets over looked as it is heavily fished and pressured by local anglers. Truth be told, this is a fly fishing gem. If you are willing to walk into less-pressured areas of the river, you can have very successful days with only having to drive 10 minutes away. I have heard several people who have tried to fish this river at crowded locations and have had no luck. Based on those trips they assumed the entire river was not good as it was heavily fished with bait. Sadly, I was one of the people who thought this as well... and boy was I wrong. 

My last trip on the Boise was a great time, especially for only fishing for a couple hours. I decided to fish the Northern section of the river on Eagle road. I walked a good ways towards the West and stopped at a really good looking riffle. I have found that on previous trips, Trout are currently hanging out on the seams of faster water. Using the trusty Size 16 Pink Frenchie, I was able to hook into a beautiful small Brown Trout.

I was fishing with a tightline rig testing a random Size 14 fly on the top, and the Size 16 Pink Frenchie on the bottom. I was using 5x tippet being very generous on the length of line used as I did not have to worry about snagging because of the jig hooks.

Not long after fishing with this rig, I hooked into a nicer Brown Trout on the same Size 16 Pink Frenchie.

Fishing the Frenchie in a smaller size with the UV colors drives the smaller Trout to go crazy over this pattern and you will often find yourself hooking into a good amount of small Trout. These fish have beautiful colors to them and are often my favorite.

Lastly, this wonderful fly was hooking into White Fish left and right. White Fish are great to catch and fight much harder than trout. One of the things I have noticed is if you catch a White Fish, it is safe to safe there will be another 10 in the same area. And yes... That was the case here.

If you guys want to hook into some fish without having to drive a couple hours, go and fish the Boise River in town. It has been fishing great recently and will treat you well. The more you are willing to walk, the more you will be rewarded. The Pink Frenchie in size 16 with a gold bead definitely showed to work well this trip. You will have luck with numerous flies, you just have to get out on the water first.

Tight lines!