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Boise River In-Town 11/13/19

Hi everyone,

The fishing has been wonderful on the Boise River this last month. Today was sunny and I decided to fish below the bridge on Linder road on the Northern side of the river. The fishing did not start off too great but I was able to hook into some Whitefish right below the bridge in that main riffle that you can see from the road. Most of them were so small they fit through the holes of my net so as you can imagine I did not get a picture of those little guys haha. 

I caught my biggest Whitefish yet from this riffle today, but as all fishing stories go, the fish jumped out of the net before I could take a picture. But don't worry, I was able to get some pictures of the other decent sized one's I was able to catch. 

These were all caught on the Size 16 Pink Frenchie running as the bottom fly on our tight line rig with 5x tippet. We will be releasing a leader for this type of nymphing soon.

I feel bad for the reputation Whitefish get as 'trash fish.' They are key to water systems for Trout. In recent studies, it has shown that fisheries with Whitefish generate larger and healthier populations of Trout. I also enjoy catching these fish as they fight hard. The way I look at it, they are basically a Grayling without the fin.

After this riffle, it is slow water for a ways so I decided to hike farther down to the riffles down below. There was a fair amount of riffles that looked fantastic and I'm sure it was, I just didn't fish them as long as I should have. I was spending about 5-10 minutes at each one and then moving on. 

I then met with one riffle that looked harder to fish with all of the tree's and bushes around. I decided to throw my line in and instantly hooked up with a beautiful Rainbow Trout.

The spot is very tight and I would find it very difficult to fish with a traditional strike indicator rig. With the tight line rig, you are able to fish more accurately and have more control with your rig for these scenarios. This was the first of many fish running 5x tippet with our Buggy Carrot Variation as the top fly.

One thing I have noticed about nymphing is the top fly does not produce nearly as effective as the bottom fly. The fact I was able to hook into numerous fish with the Buggy Carrot on the top has really boosted my confidence with this pattern as I sometimes go trips without catching anything on my top fly. 

Now I know what you are thinking... What were you using on the bottom fly? A Frenchie???

Although that is a very good guess... I was running our new fly pattern, The Hologram.

This pattern was created to keep a slim profile to cut through the water columns and into the strike zone. It has a dark profile to it with a little flash when the light hits it just right. This makes it so it catches the fishes attention but not too much to where it would spook the fish. This pattern was very successful in bringing numerous fish out of the same riffle, including the biggest fish from the trip.

Not wanting to over fish the riffle, I decided to move on. I hiked a long ways down the river to fish faster moving water next to some houses where the bend of the river is. I did not have much luck at this area but was able to pull out a nice Brown Trout with The Hologram.

Overall, it was a fantastic day of fishing as lots of fish were in the net today. The days are getting shorter and shorter as I am having to get off of the river at around 5:45 p.m. so make sure to plan accordingly. It is not time to hang up your boots quite yet. Tie those laces and get back on the water as the fishing is great at this time of the year. 

I hope to see you all out there soon.

Tight Lines!