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Boise River In-Town 12/1/19

Hello anglers,

I would first like to apologize for not posting much recently. I have been sick and then was out of town for family reasons and was not able to fish nor write that much. This blog will be delayed on a trip that was done last week that was quite successful.

On the 1st of December I decided to head out to the Northern section of the river on Linder Road. I then hiked a good ways downstream and fished as I went. I was getting into a decent amount of small fish along the way, but it wasn't too special to stay for that long.

I enjoy catching even the little guys as I believe they have some of the most beautiful colors when they are young.

As I was walking down, I then hit a riffle that I started to get some hits at but was not able to set any. This was then when I realized they were small white fish trying to go after my larger flies that weren't working. For this trip I was mainly focusing on fishing with a size 14 Buggy Carrot on the top and fishing a new pattern in the making on the bottom. It will soon be released.

These size 14 flies were too big for these small whitefish so I decided to move on until I was able to hook into some bigger whitefish... A lot of them.

Now feeling confident after catching these in the new pattern we have been testing out, it was time to start fishing spots heavily instead of moving on fast covering water. Doing so was a great start as we were able to hook into a beautiful Brown Trout that started to give us more and more confidence.

Not too long after, this miracle happened and has been one of the highlights of my life.

This is the first time ever where I have landed 2 trout at once and is a moment I will forever remember. They were caught on a Size 14 Buggy Carrot and the new pattern that will come out shortly, keep your eye out for it!

Shortly after this, I got a call from some friends who were wanting to meet up. I decided to hurry and at least throw a streamer for a little and see if I could get into nice fish. After about 3 minutes of fishing with The Black Magic Streamer in size 12, we landed this beautiful Rainbow.

Despite it now being December, I still find it a lame excuse to hang up your boots. Still keep fishing on the warm days as they are still plenty of them here in the valley. 

Tight Lines!