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Boise River In-Town 12/12/19

Hello everyone,

Today I decided to explore to a new location that I have not fished yet. It is fair to say that I possibly found the best fishing water I have ever seen on the Boise River to this day. I parked the car on Linder road next to the Northern bridge of the river. I then hiked a good ways upstream fishing as I walked. This water was very fishable and I was able to get into plenty of fish while hiking upstream to the spot.

When I am fishing new water, I usually put on my most confident patterns in small sizes to see if I can hook into any fish. The reason I generally use these flies in smaller sizes is so I can hook into more Whitefish and smaller Trout to find where the fish are laying at that particular time. Once I do hook into some fish, that is when I start to narrow it down to what the fish are really hitting that day. 

My go-to pattern right now is the Pink Frenchie is size 16 and was able to hook into some fish this way.

Although the fishing was good with this pattern, I was feeling as if I was not hooking into nearly as many Whitefish as I should have been. This was when I had the idea to change the Frenchie from a pink collar to a green collar and this instantly made an impact.

I found this interesting as the best color I have found to work with Whitefish is Pink. When targeting these fish, 80% of the time I am using some form of Pink in the flies to get their attention. Not only did this change from pink to green work with the Whitefish, but it also started to work with this Trout and several small ones.

Another pattern that has been working very well for us on the Boise River is The Bad Princess:

This is a pattern we recently created and has been doing very well on the Boise River and was able to land us into the biggest fish of the trip.

I absolutely love the spots on this fish.

We have been fishing this pattern mainly in size 16's and it has shown to be doing very well on the bottom fly of our rigs. We have even debated about it switching The Frenchie on our go-to fly pattern, we will have to see over time...

The fishing has been good recently despite the cold weather coming through, make sure to fish while you can before the snow storms come in.

Tight Lines!