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February Boise and Owyhee River Fishing Report - Week 1

Hello fellow anglers!

I would first like to apologize for not doing any fishing reports for the last month. I got really busy with a new job and the new semester of classes and needed time to adjust to the new schedule. But with this said, it did not stop me from getting out on the water. It was one of the slower months fishing wise but still was able to bring lots in the net. It was also the busiest month yet with fly orders and also guiding trips that were very successful. Enough of that, let’s get into the stuff that you want to hear which is how the fishing is right now!

I have decided to switch to a simpler form of fishing reports to make it easier for me and you guys. Instead of writing almost every detail and every fish from a trip, I will just highlight what is working and techniques that you should be paying attention to. Along with this, I will be doing 1 fishing report each week on the rivers and lakes that I fish.

This week I was able to fish the 3 main rivers near us: The Boise In-Town, the South Fork Boise, and the Owyhee River. Let’s talk about each one.

Boise River In-Town:

The Boise river has had an interesting change the last couple of days with the cold weather running through. The fish are still more aggressive than I thought they would be however and are attracting really colorful flies. The 2 flies that stood out this week for me were the Bloody Stank and the Purple Perdigon. I was running the Bloody Stank on the top in a size 16 and the Purple Peridon on the bottom in size 16 as well. Sticking with Euro Nymphing will be your best bet as far as getting into these fish. I almost always use 5X tippet but found with the smaller patterns this week, 6X was the way to go. As far as location, I was fishing closer in town than I normally do and was actually fishing in heavily pressured areas.

South Fork Boise River:

Can we just start by saying wow! I sure do love this place. The roads were a lot better than expected as far as ice goes, just a little muddy. Now is a great time to be fishing the South Fork as I was hooking into a lot of nicer fish than normal. The flies that stood out for me the 2 times I was there this week had to be the Rainbow Warrior in size 16 as the top fly and the Soft Frenchie in size 14. The best color for the Soft Frenchie would have to be UV Shrimp Pink (Orange color) this week. As far as technique goes, would highly recommend sticking with tight line methods and fishing in the 5X tippet range. Would not go to 6X tippet as I was hooking into bigger fish with these patterns than normal.

Owyhee River:

I was only able to fish this river once this week and did not figure it out too well. It was the first time that I made the trip out this year and I have not dialed it in yet as my focus is still on the South Fork Boise River. However, if you are looking to head out, I would recommend nymphing Midges and I know it’s bad, but egg patterns. Another thing that has been working well is very small emergers in the size 24 range. I would be fishing extremely long leaders to prevent spooking the fish as the lows are extremely low and look to be fishing in the 6X range.

For any questions, feel free to contact us at anytime! If you are curious about what patterns I am talking about, you can click on the name of the underlined patterns to look at them in the store.

Good luck out on the water, Ethan.