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February Boise River Fishing Report - Week 2

Hello Everyone!

This week I was not able to get out to the Owyhee River but was able to fish the Boise River In-Town and my favorite river, the South Fork Boise River. Below would be what I would recommend for both rivers.

Boise River In-Town:

What a weird change that has happened this last week! Multiple storms have rolled in and these fish have completely changed. On the warmest day of the week, the Midge hatch was off the charts! I was fishing farther downstream towards Star and the fish were very very VERY specific on what they wanted to eat. I tried to fish with all of these different patterns (literally went through 20) and gave each one a shot, but they would only go for one pattern. The Purple Perdigon. This midge looking pattern was off the charts and caught literally 99% of the fish on all 3 trips I made it out. This fly even brought in my new personal best fish from the river in-town so I am definitely a big fan of it.  The other 1% that was caught was on a UV Shrimp Pink (Orange Color) Frenchie. Euro Nymphing will still be your best bet to get into fish and I would recommend fishing with 5X Tippet still.

South Fork Boise River:

Fine, I’ll say it. I LOVE THIS RIVER! Despite it always being freezing and windy, I still have lots of feelings for it haha. The fishing has been really good and have a couple patterns to highlight. The first pattern that has been working extremely well on big whitefish in the river has been the Buggy Carrot in size 14. Since this is a bigger and bulkier pattern, it attracts the big white fish and makes it hard for them to not gulp it. This is the biggest white fish that I was able to bring to the net. But by far the best pattern to be using right now is the same as last weeks, the Soft Frenchie in size 16 with a heavier bead in UV Shrimp Pink. (Orange Color) I did hook into a couple using the Rainbow Warrior, but it was not as consistent as these two patterns paired up today. Euro Nymphing will still be the best way to get into fish using 5X tippet. A tip with this is to add another foot than you normally do when Euro Nymphing. It is hard to snag in this river and making sure to have your flies ride along the bottom in this cold weather will definitely bring more fish to the net.

For any questions, feel free to Contact Us at any time.

Tight Lines, Ethan.