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Snake River 11/10/19

The Snake River holds some of the best Rainbow Trout you can fish for in the country. But with that said, you definitely have to work for it. Their is lots of water to fish and the fish don't just bite anything. Although the river can be very hot on streamers catching lots of fish, it was not like this today. Ice has come over within the last couple of weeks and was not like how it was a year ago at the same time. Last year around this time, the streamers were a hit catching Trout and Carp all day long. 

We decided to go to American Falls and fish below the dam. Our group camped the night at Pipeline Campground in a very warm 12 degrees. That alone was an experience we will never forget. We just threw a tarp over the truck and called it good. It was an experience for sure.

Waking up to half the river being frozen over, we were able to find our way to fish the riffles right below the campground. We had no luck in the morning whatsoever trying all sorts of patterns and styles trying to dial it in. 

There were numerous people there as well and they did not seem to be having much luck either. Fishing this type of river was interesting as it seemed as if every man was for himself. We had 2 different people who came and fished the same riffle within 5 yards of us in between our group... That was something new for us and we were in shock as we were not used to that.

It was towards around 3 p.m. where Sloan was able to hook into a nice Rainbow Trout on a balanced jig leech. He was fishing 1x tippet with a strike indicator and running the balanced jig leech in size 10.

Running the same rig, he hooked into another Rainbow Trout within an hour of moving spots a couple miles up stream.

After walking numerous miles and not eating or drinking all day, we decided to call it a day at 4 and start heading home. I believe we came too late in the year which was disappointing from Sloan's amazing trip last year at this time. If you are looking to fish this river, I would suggest picking up some balanced leeches with bright beads and that should treat you well as that was what other people have had success with as well as us.

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Tight lines!