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South Fork Boise River 11/06/19

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to the first fishing report of the trips that we go on. We hope to share the key information from our time on the water to help bump up your catch rates for when you go out on the water.

We decided to head out to the South Fork Boise River since the Browns on the Owyhee river are currently spawning. We were here 1 week prior and had a 30+ fish day, so you can say we were anxious to get back. 

The water has maintained steadily around 300 cubic feet per second, which has made the river have great wading conditions. At 11:30 am, it was 49 degrees when we got on the water. It felt much colder as the wind was heavy that day.

We decided to start the morning by fishing far down the river at the same spot we fished last week. We were fishing the end of 2 riffles and were not having much luck in the morning. In fact, I was only able to hook into 2 fish. Both White fish. We decided to hike up the river and fish very fast moving water. Doing this, we were only able to hook into 1 other White fish. I was Euro Nymphing at the time running a Stonefly pattern on the top fly and a pink Frenchie on the bottom. I was using 6x tippet and was being very generous on the depth. The nice thing about the South Fork and using Jig hooks is you can really ride the bottom and not worry about snagging as much. All 3 of these fish were caught on the same size 16 pink Frenchie Jig found here:

Finding it weird that we were not hooking into any Rainbow Trout and only White fish, we decided to hop in the car and move farther downstream to find a new spot. We pulled over to a long stretch of medium paced water that had lots of rocks and boulders in it. Our goal was to start at the bottom and hike a couple hundred yards up stream and fish this section in front and behind every rock. Within 15 minutes of starting this, we were able to pull a couple of fish out from behind rocks within the faster paced water. 

It was fantastic water to fish as we were certain there were Rainbow Trout behind every rock. After fishing for a couple hours and hooking into 10+ fish running the same rig as before, we were not satisfied. We found that we were hooking into a lot of smaller fish and wanted to get into bigger fish. This was when we threw in the simple Jigged Streamer created by Lance Egan found here:

This is a lovely pattern we have been using recently and it was the secret recipe on this trip. We decided to go to 5x tippet, run the pink Frenchie on the top and the Black Magic Streamer in size 16 on the bottom. Again, being very generous with the amount of tippet we were using to ride the bottom of the river. I was landing fish left and right using this rig and used it till dark. My friends and I even found that we were able to fish the faster moving water with the streamer and hooked into many fish including the largest fish of the trip this way. 

Despite not hooking into any monsters, it was a fantastic time and is one of my top 3 favorite rivers. Fishing right now in the Fall is an amazing time to get out on the river and have 15+ fish days on streamers. We hope this information helps you get out and have a successful day on the river. Remember to dress warm as the temperature is starting to drop and as it snowed on us towards the end of the day.

If you guys have any questions before you go out on the water, feel free to email us at and we will get back to you ASAP.

Tight lines!