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Boise River In-Town 11/13/19

Hi everyone, The fishing has been wonderful on the Boise River this last month. Today was sunny and I decided to fish below the bridge on Linder road on the Northern side of the river. The fishing did not start off too great but I was able to hook into some Whitefish right below the bridge in that main riffle that you can see from the road. Most of them were so small they fit through the holes of my net so as you can imagine I did not get a picture of those little guys haha.  I caught my biggest Whitefish yet from this riffle today, but as all fishing stories go, the fish jumped out of the net before...

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Snake River 11/10/19

The Snake River holds some of the best Rainbow Trout you can fish for in the country. But with that said, you definitely have to work for it. Their is lots of water to fish and the fish don't just bite anything. Although the river can be very hot on streamers catching lots of fish, it was not like this today. Ice has come over within the last couple of weeks and was not like how it was a year ago at the same time. Last year around this time, the streamers were a hit catching Trout and Carp all day long.  We decided to go to American Falls and fish below the dam. Our group camped the night at Pipeline Campground in...

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Boise River In-Town 11/09/19

The Boise River in the heart of Boise often gets over looked as it is heavily fished and pressured by local anglers. Truth be told, this is a fly fishing gem. If you are willing to walk into less-pressured areas of the river, you can have very successful days with only having to drive 10 minutes away. I have heard several people who have tried to fish this river at crowded locations and have had no luck. Based on those trips they assumed the entire river was not good as it was heavily fished with bait. Sadly, I was one of the people who thought this as well... and boy was I wrong.  My last trip on the Boise was...

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