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Custom Flies

Tied to excel expectations in quality and durability

Wondering what flies we can tie? The answer is all!

We have been tying for several years and have experience tying almost every fly fishing pattern there is. We will never have enough time to make enough listings on our website to cover all the different patterns in the world, hence the reason for our custom flies option. It is a simple process that you can feel engaged in to get exactly what you desire while still getting the flies at very reasonable costs around $1.00

Premium Flies

Here at modern flies, we only use the highest quality materials, hooks, and beads. If we wouldn't fish it, then why should you? We put each and every one of our flies through a rigorous quality control procedure before shipping it to you.

The Process

It only takes 4 steps to start and finish an order

Step 1: Go to our Contact Us page and communicate to us via what works best for you. We generally respond within the first 24 hours.
Step 2: We will then discuss what patterns you are interested in, the details of those patterns, and how many you would like. We will then give you a cost of the order and give you an ETA of when they should be done.
Step 3: In order to pay, we will create listings on our website of the flies you ordered. We will communicate with you of when these go up shortly after the order has been done.
Step 4: Once we have received the payment, we will shortly ship the flies and send you an updated tracking number so you can know where they are at all times.

We have found the entire process to take around 5 days total. If it exceeds 7 days, we will throw in FREE PATTERNS.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!