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The CS4

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The CS4 is a pattern that was created by our local team member Collin Cromwell. This pattern has shown to work well within the Boise River In-Town and surely will work every where else as well. This is a simple, yet very effective pattern that you can keep on fishing day to day. We have often found that after catching some fish and getting the fly messy often leads to the pattern producing more fish to the net. This fly can be tied in several colors but have found this pattern to be the most productive color. Usually sticking to darker profiles with some flash to the body produces very well on cloudy days and generally does well on the top fly in higher water columns where other patterns wouldn't keep up. With this said, it still does very well as the bottom fly too. This variation is tied on a competition jig style hook to prevent snags and have better hook sets. It's also tied with a slotted tungsten bead to help it sink faster and stay in the strike zone longer during each cast. If you are looking for a great pattern to have in your box, you have found it!